Sunday, January 30, 2011

Understanding Disney Addiction

As we discussed in the last blog, there is now a diagnosis for Disney addiction known as Neurotic Disney Person (or mom, dad, grandma, etc.).  Once one is properly diagnosed (see previous blog for more info or visit, it is important to begin understanding the diagnosis.  Many of you out there who are living with this condition have already begun this process.  Understanding Disney addiction really begins with simply understanding Disney.  Then the cravings kick in and you have to know MORE!!

Well the greatest thing about Disney addiction is that it is actually OK to want more!  And one of the best ways I've found to feed a Disney addiction is through podcasts.  I've known about podcasts for a few years now, but never really understood how amazing they can be until the last 8 months or so.  That was about the time I inherited my husband's "old" Zune.  Kendall just had to have the new, HD Zune, so once he was able to get it, I got the older, larger hard drive, model.  As I was playing around with all the options, I noticed that it had podcast capability.  So I thought, why not check that out.  I had heard on Magical Mouse Radio (via Live365 on my computer at work) that they had a podcast called the "Be Our Guest Podcast" where they discussed all things Disney.  So, I typed it in the search box and, sure enough,  there it was.  I downloaded a few podcast episodes to listen to and I was HOOKED!  What an amazing way to gain as much Disney knowledge as possible.  So as I listened to Mike and the gang, I heard them talking about other podcasts and having other podcasters as their special guests.  Next thing you know, I was subscribing to Lou Mongello's WDW Radio Show, Betamouse, and WDW Today.  And there are so many more podcasts out there that I would love to start listening to.  

 Although I love doing website research on Disney, there's just something about listening to these fellow Disney addicts talking about every Disney topic under the sun.  And all while driving to and from work!  The only thing is, now when I have a conversation with someone about Disney, it generally includes the phrase, "well, the other day I was listening to a podcast on (fill in the topic) and they said..."  What's really amazing is that you as the listener really begin to feel like you know these podcasters personally.  Like they are a part of your "Disney friends."  (Don't try to deny it.  You have friends and you have Disney friends.  All Disney addicts do.  If you don't, and would like to have more Disney friends, stay tuned for part three of this series when we explore support groups for Disney addicts!)  What's even more amazing is when they actually do become your friends.  Many of these podcasters also have special events or "meets" at Walt Disney World, which allows you to get to know them as well as fellow Disney addicts who are also listeners.  I was very privileged to do just that on our last trip to the World, and made so many wonderful memories and new friends in the process.

So while you are researching your Disney addiction, don't forget to do a search for Disney podcasts.  Many can be found on iTunes or in your Zune marketplace.  Also, many of your favorite Disney websites have their own podcasts or they have feature writers who participate in podcasts.  Many of the podcasts can be downloaded to any type of mp3 player or you can even listen directly from your computer. 
Do a little digging and see what type of podcast appeals to you.   And stay tuned for part 3 of the Disney addiction series, "Support Groups as Treatment for Disney Addiction."  Have a great day, enjoy some podcasts, and (as Mike would say) "we'll see ya real soon!"

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