Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hanging out at the Resort: March trip report pt. 8(a)

For our final full day at WDW, we decided to spend the morning at our resort.  We had promised the boys many times that we would take them to the main pool, so that's exactly what we did.  After getting everyone up and around and in swimwear, we took the leisurely walk around Coronado Springs on our way to the main pool.

This pool is AMAZING!  We loved the Mayan pyramid and the boys got to watch the opening ceremony and eventually sit in the waterfall coming down from the top of the pyramid ruins.  They both enjoyed swimming, but really liked the pool slide.  The theming in this area is off the charts.

It really feels as though you are in a jungle, with all the great landscaping.  We also explored the playground area a little bit.  After a few hours in the pool, we decided to head back to the room.  Once again, the walk was amazing and we spent time just admiring the landscaping, the design of the resort, and the many fountains along the way.
My one regret of this vacation was that we didn't book one more night, so that we could have had a whole day to spend at the resort.  This is a new goal for all of my vacations, to begin spending more time exploring what the resorts have to offer.


  Next up, our final afternoon/evening at Epcot!

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