Monday, August 20, 2012

Evening at the Poly: March trip report pt. 5

**I know, I'm a bad bad blogger!  Before this part of the report begins, please forgive me for such a delay.  I promise to do better!  Thank you for your patience while waiting for the next part of this report.  :) **

(still Monday, March 5th)

So after leaving the Animal Kingdom with two drenched little boys, we headed back to Coronado Springs to change clothes and rest a little bit before dinner.  When it was finally time to head to Ohana, we took the bus to the Magic Kingdom then caught a boat ride over to the Polynesian Resort.  For whatever reason, the boys seemed to be getting on each other's nerves at this point.  Payton was having a hard time handling Ari's energy level, which I think was partly due to Payton being a Disney expert from all his trips and knowing what was coming, as well as not being used to having a little brother type around asking tons of questions and wanting to do whatever he does.  It was great when we finally made it onto the boat and took that relaxing trip across the lake to the dock at the Poly.  Unfortunately, when we got off the boat, the boys decided the dock looked like a runway and they needed to pick up speed.
Needless to say, Payton took a dive, and we had some tears and skinned knees, shins and hands.  We got him cleaned up and settled down, then headed in to the great ceremonial house and upstairs to Ohana.  We were a little late for our reservation, so we didn't get a table near the windows to be able to see Wishes.  I was really disappointed, but luckily the food was fabulous as always, so I did my best to just focus on that!
As I said, our food was fantastic, but one thing that I was very impressed with was the vegetarian options offered to Ari.  Even though he is a child, he was offered adult size portions and options that I would never have imagined.  And Payton ate Ari's share of the wings!!
After dinner, we made our way down to the Poly beach to hang out and wait for the Electric Water Pageant.  For someone who has been to Disney many many times, this was one thing I had never had a chance to do before, so I was super excited. 
What we didn't expect was how cold it was going to be that night.  While Mom and I huddled on beach chairs using towels we found to try and cover up a bit, the boys did what you would expect boys to do...they played in the sand.  Digging, running around, making sand angels...they went nuts!!  We tried to settle them a bit because some of the Poly guests were out there watching a movie and we didn't want to disturb them, especially since we weren't staying there, just enjoying the view.  It didn't work, so we just let them run until the water pageant began.
I have to say, I thought this show was really magical and fun.  Probably my favorite moment was when every float became patriotic.  Payton stood at attention and saluted the line of American flags.  It was so cute.  I'm really glad that I had a chance to see the Electric Water Pageant this trip!

After the water pageant was over, we attempted to de-sand the boys before heading back in to the Poly to warm up and catch the monorail back over to the Magic Kingdom.  We took our time checking out the shops and various tikis on our way up to the monorail platform and made it just in time to catch one.  Once back at the Magic Kingdom, we took the long walk back to the bus and again, made it just in time to catch one.  We were wiped out by this point, and a bit on the giddy side, so there was a lot of giggling on the way back to the room.  Both boys crashed the minute their heads hit the pillows.
Next post:  our day at the Magic Kingdom!!

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