Sunday, April 29, 2012

An Evening at Epcot - March Trip Report pt 3

So for our first night at Walt Disney World, we decided to visit Epcot.  Because we had missed our lunch reservation at Whispering Canyon Cafe (boo), we went straight to the Land pavilion for a late lunch at Sunshine Seasons (yeah!).  Sunshine Seasons has to be one of my favorite quick-service options in all of Walt Disney World.  There are so many amazing options, ranging from Asian to American to sandwiches, and also vegetarian options.  Since this was our first meal, we had forgotten that we were allowed a desert each, so Grams had to go back and pick out four deserts for us to share!  Check out the amazing menu here!
Because we went to the Land pavilion first, we were able to get fast passes for Soarin, but our ride wouldn't happen until 8:15 p.m.  So after eating our lunch, we went right over to the boat ride, Living with the Land.  This attraction is a combination of boat ride, animatronics, and real horticulture.  I attempted my first UStream video on this attraction.  Unfortunately, all I got was audio.  I would highly recommend this attraction.  Don't skip over it just because it's a boat me, it's so much more than that!
After Living with the Land, it was time to get out and explore more of Epcot.  Payton immediately led us to the Imagination Pavilion, so we took a ride on Journey Into the Imagination with Figment.  This ride gets a lot of criticism, but I have to say, it's still a really fun ride and the boys loved it!  We played a bit in the pavilion afterward, and the boys had a green screen photo taken.  Then it was on to Captain EO.  Nothing like some classic Michael Jackson to keep our energy up!

Then it was on to The Seas with Nemo & Friends.  We enjoyed our ride in the clam-mobiles and explored the Living Seas pavilion.  By this point, we were all starting to wear down.  Keep in mind, the boys were running on about 4-5 hours of sleep, and I had had only 2!  (see part 1 of the report if you want to know more)  We opted to lounge around in the Seas pavilion to wait for the next Turtle Talk with Crush.  Ari was so excited, and Payton was so tired!  He told me, "I'll sit with Ari, but I'm not raising my hand to talk to Crush."  Well, Crush had other ideas, and he picked Payton to talk to him first!  Payton did really well, and he introduced Ari, Grams and me.  Well then, I got to talk to Crush.  We had a "bonding moment."  It was so funny.  Then later Crush had everyone put their hands up to their foreheads so that they could shake their head and say "Dude."  I didn't do it fast enough, and he caught me.  Next thing I hear, "Come on Momma Mendy, get your fin up."  I was so tired all I could do was giggle and put my hand on my head!

After Turtle Talk, we knew we had just about had it for the night, so we tried to go ride Ellen's Energy Adventure.  On the way, we stopped at Club Cool to sample sodas from around the world.  Now understand, Payton was dragging at this point.  But after a few cups of Coke, especially the soda from Japan that we renamed "Japanese Juice," he had a sparkle in his eye again!  We found out that Ellen's was closed for the night, and the Test Track line was still too long, so we looked around in MouseGears and then decided we couldn't last until our Soarin fast pass time.  We headed toward the front of the park and took a spin on Spaceship Earth before heading back to the resort.
Once we made it back to Coronado Springs, we stopped in the main building to pick up our refillable mugs and grab a quick snack, then it was on to our room for a bite and bed.  Everyone was sound asleep the minute their head hit the pillow!

Next post...Animal Kingdom Day!!
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