Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thrilling Thursday!

Well, my Wordless Wednesday flew by so fast that now it's Thrilling Thursday!  Please accept my apologies and understand that since it's no longer Wednesday, I no longer have to be "wordless."  Above is one of my favorite pics taken at Animal Kingdom.  I took this one while on my Mother/Daughter trip to Disney with my mom a few years ago.  We explored all of these different paths around the Tree of Life that I never had a chance to explore before.  We were in Animal Kingdom for extra magic evening hours and just took our time, soaking in all the ambiance we could.  And out of it came some pretty awesome photos.  Next time you visit Animal Kingdom, see how many different trails or paths you can find around the Tree.  It's so fun to find new perspectives of this beautiful park and landmark.


  1. Just checked out your blog and love it! I just started my own blog, and if you read my first post, you'll see that I'm in the market for both therapy and disney! Perfect! LOL :-)

  2. Thanks Stephanie! Glad I can be of!